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A Wisconsin snow-bird, this is Joan’s first Key Players role on stage. She was the assistant stage manager for the recent Key Players The Taffetas – Reunion. She has previously stage managed numerous Jolly Jester children’s plays and a number of church performances of the Nativity, the Last Supper, and I Believe. She co-wrote and starred in I Believe as Mary Magdalene – a possessed follower of Jesus.

Joan and her husband Harvey are gypsies as they sold their home in Wisconsin two years ago and now live and travel in their 28’ travel trailer. They are expecting their first grandchild in February and look forward to welcoming her arrival in Seattle. Joan is Geri Luer’s (Dolly Biddle) sister….and all that implies. Both the sisters enjoy playing dress-up and letting their “inner child” out to play.


(305) 853-2685 for information

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