9 to 5 The Musical ran February 20-29, 2020 at the Murray E. Nelson Government & Cultural Center in Key Largo.

Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Book by Patricia Resnick

The ensemble of 9 to 5 The Musical + special appearance by Dolly Parton

The ensemble of 9 to 5 The Musical + special appearance by Dolly Parton

“Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen” (Pictured Left to Right: Rhonda Crutcher, Kristine Ingold, Zander Wolfgramm, Jenny Lea Brown, Tommy Chambers, Charlene Sammis, Craig Zabransky, Cathy Austin, Jaimie Evans, Laura Nelson, Mary-Margaret Dale, Russell Holmes)

“Keep lookin’ honey, you’ve never failed me yet” (John Rudolph, Mary-Margaret Dale)

“These are the final divorce papers” (Christina Neel, Craig Zabransky)

“Stiletto in your private parts” (Jenny Lea Brown, Jaimie Evans, Cathy Austin, Kristine Ingold, Christina Neel, John Rudolph)

“This Cowgirl’s gonna take revenge” (Craig Zabransky, The Big Blue Pony, Russell Holmes, Julien Baidet, Mary-Margaret Dale, Jenny Lea Brown, Jaimie Evans, John Rudolph, Kristine Ingold, Laura Nelson)

“I Just Might Make It” (Zander Wolfgramm, Cristina Salvensen)

“As Mr. Hart always says” (Christina Neel, Rhonda Crutcher, Mary-Margaret Dale)

“You’re STONED” (Cristina Salvensen, Christina Neel, Mary-Margaret Dale)

“Liquid Lunch” (Laura Nelson, Cathy Austin)

“Have dinner with me Violet” (Cristina Salvensen, Julien Baidet)

“I poisoned Mr. Hart!” (Mary-Margaret Dale, Cristina Salvensen, Christina Neel)

“Officer, I have a confession.” (Christina Neel, Mary-Margaret Dale, Cristina Salvensen, Tommy Chambers, Charlene Sammis)

“Just sit there and be quiet while we think” (Mary-Margaret Dale, Christina Neel, John Rudolph, Cristina Salvensen)

Cast and Crew of 9 to 5 The Musical (Back: Tommy Chambers, Lucy, Charlene Sammis, Marinka Stuvel, Jaimie Evans, Rhonda Crutcher, Julien Baidet, Cristina Salvensen, Mary-Margaret Dale, Christina Neel, Cathy Austin, John Rudolph, Jenny Lea Brown, Kristine Ingold, Lilly Cascamo, Doug LaRue Front: Zander Wolfgramm, Jonelle Kop, Laura Nelson, Russell Holmes, Craig Zabransky)

Photos courtesy of Jonelle Kop, cast members, and family of cast and crew

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Violet Newstead – Cristina Salvensen

Doralee Rhodes – Mary-Margaret Dale

Judy Bernly – Christina Neel

Franklin Hart, Jr. – John Rudolph

Roz Keith – Rhonda Crutcher

Joe – Julien Baidet

DeeWayne Rhodes – Russell Holmes

Josh – Zander Wolfgramm

Missy Hart – Lilly Cascamo

Maria, Candy Striper – Laura Nelson

Dick Bernly – Craig Zabransky

Kathy – Jaimie Evans

Margaret – Cathy Austin

Russel Tinsworthy – Doug LaRue

Detective – Charlene Sammis

Doctor – Tommy Chambers

New Employee – Kristine Ingold

Ensemble – Charlene Sammis, Jenny Lea Brown, Tommy Chambers, Lilly Cascamo, Cathy Austin, Jaimie Evans, Julien Baidet, Kristine Ingold, Laura Nelson, Zander Wolfgramm, Craig Zabransky


Produced and Directed by Jonelle Kop

Music Direction by Rhonda Crutcher and Jenny Lea Brown

Stage Manager: Marinka Stuvel

Choreography: Cristina Salvensen, Jamie Evans, Cathy Austin, Kristine Ingold

Lights and Sound: Bob Auer, Paul Messina, Jonelle Kop

Set Design: Cristina Salvensen, Jonelle Kop

Set Construction: Russell Holmes, Bill Coey, Jonelle Kop, Cristina Salvensen, and more

Set Painter: Bill Cobey

The Big Blue Pony Sculptor: “Wavy Davy” Adamusko

Set Decoration: Lilly Cascamo & the cast

Props & Costumes: Lilly Cascamo, Siobhan Levinson, Carlina Rodriguez, Christina Neel

Social Media: Craig Zabransky

Front of House: Bill Cobey, Pat Cobey, Kim Carter, Joe Cascamo

Artwork/Playbill: Sue Beal, Kathy Miller

Photography: Doug LaRue, Jackie Lara

Promotion: Sue Beal, Jonelle Kop, Kathy Miller, Doug LaRue


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